A Song dedicated to Late Musician Friend

Entertainment Desk:Fellow journalist Zubair Rahman Chowdhury dedicated a song to his School Friend late musician Borno Chakroborty. He wrote a song titled ‘Ranga Pori’ for the late artist. The music video of the song was released on Suntan Mahmud YouTube channel on Friday (March 10).

Before this, the new song ‘Ranga Pori’ sung by vocalist Sultan Mahmud and Bristi Dola was released on all popular digital platforms from last month. The audience can listen to the song simultaneously on all popular digital platforms including Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gana. The lyrics of the song are written by journalist Zubair Rahman Chowdhury and Music Composed by Wahed Shahin and Tuned by Tarek Ahsan.

Vocalist Sultan Mahmud said, this new song of mine duet with singer Bristi Dola will give a different feeling to the audience. Hopefully, the song will remain in the hearts of music lovers.

Lyricist Zubair Rahman Chowdhury said, I started writing songs with the inspiration of my schoolmate, musician late Borno Chakroborty. In the year 2012, the song ‘Kache Asaar Iccey Theke’ in the voice of Dev Chakroborty was released in the album ‘Borno with Colors-1’ under his music arrangement. After this, in 2014, a song titled ‘Veja Mon’ was released in the voice of Borno Chakroborty.

He also said, I wrote the lyrics of the song ‘Ranga Pori’ in March 2014. This song was written for Borno Chakroborty. On July 17, 2021, Borno left the illusion of the world in the terrible clutches of the corona virus. So I dedicated the song ‘Ranga Pori’ to my friend Borno Chakroborty.

Borno Chakroborty, who was infected with Corona, breathed his last on July 17, 2021 at the age of just 36 in a private hospital Rampura in the capital Dhaka. The music director’s first solo album ‘Boka Pakhi’ was released three months before his death.