Ananya says she goes to Shanaya for love advice, jokingly calls her ‘bad person’

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Ananya Panday said that she goes to her best friend Shanaya Kapoor for love advice, even though she is a ‘very bad person’. Ananya also revealed the best relationship advice she has received from Shanaya.
Ananya Panday said that she turns to her best friend Shanaya Kapoor for love advice. Ananya also revealed the best advice that Shanaya has ever given her but admitted that she is yet to actually follow it.

During an appearance on Feet Up With The Stars, Ananya Panday said that Shanaya Kapoor is the one she goes to when she needs advice on relationships. “She is a very bad person but I still go to her. I don’t know why,” she joked. “The best love advice she gave me was to chill and stop acting crazy. But I need to still follow through with that,” she continued.

On the show, Ananya also opened up about her equation with Shanaya and Suhana Khan, who have been her best friends since childhood. “For me, mujhe nahi lagta ki meri family sirf chaar logon ki hai (I don’t think my family consists of only four members). I feel like I have a very big family because I have grown up around Suhana and Shanaya, and we have so many memories together. Even when Shanaya’s mom (Maheep Kapoor) was pregnant with her, I used to lie on her mum’s stomach, so I feel like Shanaya and I have a connection even before she was born,” she said.

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