‘BASTOB’ works for building a peaceful society

Ridwana afrin sumi

Dhaka: Since its journey from July 4, 1997, ‘BASTOB’, a non-profit, non-political voluntary development organization, has been working with a view to building a peaceful society where disadvantaged people are self-reliant and capable of solving their own problems.

With a mission to ensure human rights, people’s sustainability, gender equality, poverty alleviation, promote culture and care environment, ‘BASTOB’, a registered NGO, has been working with 61,046 disadvantaged families in nine districts, 34 sub-districts, 140 unions/municipalities, 1780 villages/ wards of Bangladesh through its 65 branch offices and 369 staffs. The social development programmes of the organization include better migration, cultural sports program, education program, enrichment program, health program, relief and rehabilitation program for Rohingya refugees, uplifting the life of elderly people and vulnerable group development (VGD) program.

‘BASTOB’ has successfully completed its 7th year of Health Service Center Project with the help of Anukul Foundation. The aim of the project is to ensure basic health education and primary treatment of microfinance group members and their family members. ‘BASTOB’ believes that microfinance project is not only to address the financial need of the members but also to address their various social needs, especially health and education.

The strategies of ‘BASTOB’ include developing people’s institutions, providing skill training, financial support, establishing network, ensuring active involvement of stakeholders in planning, performing advocacy on various issues, reducing gender discrimination, protecting human rights, environment and culture, improving health and education and promoting environment-friendly agriculture and forestry.

The core values of the organization: people’s capacity and dignity, culture, creativity and innovation, discipline, participation, team work and openness, cost consciousness, gender equity, accountability and transparency, honesty and integrity, justice and fairness and striving for excellence.

‘BASTOB’ has a General Body consisting of 21 members and a Governing Board with 7 members. Board is consisting of one chairperson, one vice-chairperson, one treasurer and four members. General Body forms the Governing Board for a period of three years. The Governing Board is assigned for making policy guidelines for the organization. Different sub-committees are formed for specific purposes e.g. procurement sub-committee, gender audit sub-committee etc. As an ex-officio the Executive Director is the Member Secretary of the Board.