Bipasha Basu Supports Arti Singh After Her Anxiety Attack On Bigg Boss

Women BD Desk:

The reality TV show Bigg Boss is always high on melodrama, which can often take a toll on the contestants. Recently, Arti Singh had a verbal spat with Paras Chabra who commented on her character indirectly. Singh expected fellow contestant Siddharth Shukla to stand up for her, but he refused to do so and asked her to play solo. The two indulged in a heated conversation, which resulted in Singh getting an anxiety attack. While some contestants supported her, others felt that she was putting on a show to gain sympathy. Singh’s team put out a post on Instagram, thanking fans for supporting Singh and having a discussion on mental health.

The post read, “Thank you for being so supportive and talking about #MentalHealth so openly..! Our country needs to accept that mental health is normal and should not be trolled or made fun about..! There are a lot of people in our country who are victims of mental health issues, so it’s high time that we need to be OKAY with it and talk about it! Arti is definitely going to be a happy girl when she sees the love & support she has received for managing herself so well!”

Actor Ankita Lokhande, of Pavitra Rishta fame, came out in support of Singh. She urged her to be herself and not feel the pressure to change due to the circumstances in the house.Actor Bipasha Basu also extended her support to Singh. She said, “It’s sad that in our country so many educated people have a lack of awareness on mental health. You can’t stop living your life if you have some issues. You need to be brave and face them and that is exactly what Arti Singh is doing. Anyone in the house or outside who is making a joke or mockery out of this is insensitive. In today’s day and age, this topic cannot be taboo.” She also added, “Support is what people need to overcome this. Finally, it’s one’s own battle. Please, we should be human and kind to all.”

It’s sad that Singh is being trolled for suffering a mental health crisis. In today’s day and age, we should not just support those who have a mental illness, but should also encourage discussions around it. Here’s hoping Singh will recover soon and get back in the game.

Daily Women Bangladesh/SS