Bombay High Court fines woman Rs 25 lakh for threatening rivals with fake molestation case

Mumbai: A fine worth Rs 25 lakh was levied on a woman and her husband by the Bombay High Court. Neha Gandhir, an entrepreneur from a company called Feel Good India, had a fight with Mumbai-based Sapat and Company over trademark infringement, after which she threatened to file a fake molestation case against them.

An entrepreneur from Haryana, Gandhir allegedly threatened to file a fake molestation after having a tussle with the Mumbai-based company. While talking to the Times of India, Justice S Katawalla revealed that cases of misuse of their rights by people have become a common practice. Calling the misuse gross, he condemned the practice and said that the court would deal with similar cases sternly.

Gandhir confessed that she did not exactly mean what she said, instead, she said it because she lost her cool. She also laid stress on the fact that she did not exactly mean to use the word molestation in its true sense and that it came out as a result of fear and sheer anxiety. Refusing to accept the explanation that Gandhir had to offer, the High Court imposed a fine of Rs 25 lakh on her.

The judge stated that excusing Gandhir of such behaviour would provide stimulus to similar cases, posing a question on the enforcement of law and order in the country. The judge added that showing leniency towards Gandhir would mean setting a negative example on the people of the country as well the lawyers.

Sapat and Company had filed a case of trademark infringement against Gandhir’s company, Feel Good. Feel Good had been accused of infringing the trademark name of a cough syrup. A court receiver was asked to seize goods from Feel Good’s factories by the High Court on December 21 2018. However, the case took a turn when the court receiver made an attempt to record the loading of goods on video. Gandhir stopped the filming my snatching the equipment and then began with her threats of filing a fake molestation case.

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