Gold medal winner Priya hospitalised with injury

Bangladeshi athlete Marjan Aktar Priya has been hospitalised with a severe jaw injury a day after she secured a gold medal in karate in the South Asian Games.

Priya was injured during a team event on Wednesday.

Priya received a hard blow to her jaw during a fight with a Sri Lankan competitor. The doctors immediately gave her primary treatment and she was later transferred to Blue Cross Hospital.

Priya is being kept in the emergency department for now, said Prajjal Man Shresta, a senior consultant at the hospital. Doctors will run a computerised tomography or CT scan on her.

A neurosurgeon will monitor Priya’s condition after the CT scan.

“She is in a drowsy state and is feeling pain on her neck. There may be a problem with her brain. Our neurosurgeon will examine her shortly. Afterwards, there will be more tests,” Shresta said.

Priya’s opponent was a heavyweight player, said Abida Sultana, another Bangladeshi athlete staying with Priya at the hospital.

“She received a hard hit. The doctor here performed an ECG first. The tests came out normal. The only problem is that her consciousness is a little low. She is saying that the back of her head hurts. The doctor has given her painkillers.”