Govt working for dev of air force considering regional geopolitics: PM Hasina

Women BD Desk :  Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday directed the newly commissioned Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) cadets to safeguard the country’s independence and sovereignty.

“Today is a day of joy and important as well for you all. From now on, you have been entrusted with the duty of protecting the sovereignty and independence of the country. You’ve to remain prepared all the time to discharge your duty,” she said.

She was addressing a ceremony at the parade ground of the Bangladesh Air Force Academy in Jashore marking the President Parade-2019 of the passing out cadets of no. 76 BAFA Course and DE-2018 Course.

The prime minister greeted the newly passed cadets and said, “It is your first and prime responsibility to protect the country’s independence and sovereignty by even making the highest sacrifice”.

She also expressed her desire that the freshers would always stand by the people and serve the country by self-sacrifice.

Mentioning that patriotism and dutifulness are the motto of a soldier, she said, “There is no way to divert the way. Improved character and mental strength can establish a soldier as an ideal one.”

She called upon the newly commissioned cadets to maintain the chain of command to make the air force a well-disciplined force.

She also asked them to remain prepared all the time to enhance the professional excellence with proper utilisation and practice of the training taken from the academy.

Sheikh Hasina asked the new air officers to develop themselves as the competent successors being imbued with the honesty, sincerity and integrity.

“I personally believe, you will discharge your duties to make the sky of Bangladesh free, being inspired with the patriotism and remaining respectful to the Constitution,” she said.

In this context, the prime minister recalled the speech of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the passing out cadets of the air force in 1975.

Sheikh Hasina, also elder daughter of Bangabandhu quoted him as saying, “I as the father of the nation asked you all to love the country staying on the path of honesty. You will be a human being if you always stand beside the justice, obey your guardians, and keep up discipline (in your life).”

The prime minister asked the freshers to bear in the mind the advices of Bangabandhu and follow it in the days to come.

She hoped that the newly commissioned BAF officers would take the air force to a new height of success.

The PM greeted the parents of the new officers and recalled their contribution behind the success of their children and urged them to pray for them (new air force officers) as their children become the “ideal of the patriotism and bravery”.

Stating that various measures have been taken for the development of the air force, Sheikh Hasina said, “Our government has been working for gradual development of the air force considering the regional geopolitical aspects to face the challenge of the 21st century.”

The prime minister added that the “Forces Goal-2030” has been formulated in the light of the “Defence Policy” of 1974 adopted by the father of the nation, which is being implemented in phases.

Sheikh Hasina said that the father of the nation had a dream to build a modern, strengthened and professional air force considering Bangladesh’s geographical location, strategic military aspect, and scope and potential of the economic development.

She said the most ultramodern fighter aircraft of that time MIG-21 supersonic fighter plane, helicopter, air defence rudder and other necessary equipment had been added to the air force due to his (Bangabandhu’s) farsighted and strong decision.

She also said that Bangabandhu Aeronautical Centre was built for maintenance of various types of aircraft including fighter plane, rudder and other equipment in a smooth, safe and economical manner.

“Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Aviation and Aerospace University” was set up for unhindered progress of the country’s aviation sector, the prime minister added.

She said the air force has the capacity of overhauling the fighter plane using its own manpower and technology. The premier said today’s air force is totally different in comparison to that of a couple of decades ago in terms of infrastructure, strategy, and technology.

She went on saying, “The current air force is much more developed, efficient, and professional due to having modern training and equipment.”

The premier said the incumbent government has been putting emphasis on modernisation of the training to enhance the overall efficiency of the air force.

She said that the training period has been increased with a view to enhancing the standard of the basic training as well as organisational efficiency of the air force personnel. So that the cadets get the chance of completing their graduation.

Noting that the ultramodern “Bangabandhu Complex” has been built for the air force academy, she said, “I hope the initiative will play a significant role in developing a trained and modern air force.”

Spelling out various measures taken by her government for the overall development of Bangladesh, the prime minister said, “We’ve been able to make Bangladesh a developing country. We’ve taken policy to turn Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country and started working accordingly.”

The birth centenary of the father of the nation and the golden jubilee of the independence will be celebrated in 2020 and 2021 respectively, she said, adding that “We want to make our national flag of independence brighter in the world.”

The prime minister earlier distributed prizes among 104 promising young officers who are stepping out of the academy and joining the air force after successful completion of the courses.

Of them, 30 of general duties (pilot), two general duties (navigator), 15 engineering, six logistics, six administrative, 16 ATC, 16 NDWC, three education, one legal, three finance, and six are from meteorological departments.

BAF organised a spectacular parade marking the occasion. The prime minister also joined an epaulette wearing ceremony and a photo session with the fresh air force officers. She also cut a cake on the occasion.

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