Malaika Arora has production plans

Women BD Desk: Trust Malaika Arora to do something fun and unique with her entrepreneurial skills. The model-businesswoman, who has a yoga chain and a fashion line among other businesses, is working towards getting into production, full time. Currently in nascent stages, she’s charting out a plan for her company’s activity in the near future.

Talking about it, she told BT, “I would definitely want to produce some films and shows under my banner. There is so much content available today and the variety is so good. Across platforms, there is so much to consume. I would not mind producing a mini-series or a short film or something that excites me as a person. It may not be an immediate thing but a lot of ideas have been pitched to me and I am in that phase when I am taking my time to think.”

Today, a lot of roles are being chalked out for women who have gone past the 40-year-mark. Tabu’s character in Andhadhun and Vidya Balan’s role in Mission Mangal are examples of what women can do even with advancing age. “You know this is the best time to be in the business. Women in the post-40 phase have so many options to explore because suddenly, there is no limit to what a woman actor can do.

The same woman was considered redundant in business once upon a time. Today, she is a lot freer and is possibly ready to experience the best phase of her work life,” said Malaika. A year ago, the #MeTooIndia movement had kicked in, in a big way. Does she feel a lot has changed for women at work? Malaika told us, “There is so much changing. There is a healthy conversation around the need for a safer environment for women, the pay parity they face and so much more. Lately, a lot of male actors have spoken on the need for women to get paid as well as them. What is also changing is that item songs are being done away with. These are all steps being taken in the right direction to make women feel more powerful. The way the shows and films have women playing such powerful roles is a sign. Male stars have long enjoyed the demi-god status; the girls today are shining and killing it, too.”

Daily Women Bangladesh/SS