One Circle campaign was held

Panna datta: Today 25th November 2019, One Circle Welfare Organisation took part in a peaceful campaign to mark the “International Day for the Eliminating of Violence Against Women, 2019”. This campaign was held in the capital’s Gulshan 1 Circle, from 9 am to 11 am. One Circle’s founder and President Farin Daulah was present at the campaign. In the campaign many students from different institutions and people from different professional fields took part.

Founder and president of One Circle, Ms. Farin Daulah said, “We can all play an active part when it comes to eliminating violence against women from our society, especially if more men come forward then they can set a positive example for others”. She added further that, we need to make our streets, public places and offices safe for women. This peaceful campaign was held with placards and posters while during morning rush hour, where on going traffic could see the message One Circle was trying to demonstrate.

Daily Women Bangladesh/BH