Poet Jeevananda Das Memorial Award receives Misti Maria

Sarkar Saidul Islam: Poet Jivananda Das Smriti Padak receives the award-winning illustrator Misti Maria Railway Minister Advocate Nurul Islam Sujan will present the medal to the National Press Club (VV, IP Conference Lounge) on Tuesday (October 22). He is the chief guest of the event. Former Vice Chancellors of Dhaka University AAMS Arefin Siddique and Rehana Parveen (former National Footballer and Organizer) will be present as special guests.

In addition to the Actress Misti Maria, poet Jivananda Das is receiving the Smriti Medal, including National Film Award winning actress Sadika Parveen Popy and musician Farhana Parveen.

Misti Maria said, “I am receiving poet Jivananda Das Smriti Padak for best performance in ‘Aloe Bhobon Bhara’ movie. I was honored to be honored.

Actress Misti Maria has performed in several films in Upper-Upper Bengal. Impress Telefilm releases two films called ‘Lighting in the Light'(Valobasar Uttap) and(Aloe Bhobon Bhara) ‘Heating in Love’. She received the Anand Alo Literary Award for the book ‘Kanya’ in the first book category of her life. Recently director Rakibul Alam has signed a new film titled ‘You are my life’ in Rakib. There are also three new movies on hand. Two more books are coming to the market soon.

Daily Women Bangladesh/BH

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