Priyanka promotes haircare brand while wearing extensions

Women BD Desk:

Priyanka Chopra is facing major backlash on social media for promoting her hair care brand ‘Anomaly’ in India, while wearing extension. The actor came to India after 3 long years, to launch her hair care brand in Mumbai leaving behind her daughter, Malti in US.

The “Desi Girl” is facing flak on Twitter as people are calling out the star for ‘false promotion’.

One social media user wrote, “Very unfair to promote hair products when you have hair extensions. How believable.”

While another wrote, “Her hair products must be damaging that’s why she is applying on her extensions.”

An Instagram user wrote, “Check her previous posts. She never had such long hair. It cannot magically grow so long and thick in a few weeks.

Priyanka is also being criticised for wearing deep cut body tops, as her Indian fans criticise it to be too revealing.