Reserve should be utilised: PM

Women BD Desk:

The country’s reserve should not be left untouched, it has to be utilised, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said today.

She was giving her speech as the chief guest at a mega rally organised at Suhrawardy Udyan, marking the Golden Jubilee of Jubo League this afternoon (November 11, 2022).

“Bangladesh is moving ahead despite so many setbacks,” she said, adding, “The BNP talks about the reserve. During the national election in 1996, the BNP was in power. The reserve was $2.6 billion. We took that reserve up to $48 billion.”

“Today, the reserve is working for us because we have vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines. We have to buy everything even the edible oil from outside. Then two years later, when the world opened up, capital machinery came. We have to use our reserves. We have invested eight billion dollars separately in different sectors. It will not be possible to keep the reserve idle. It needs to be utilised,” she added.

“Today, we have bought aircraft with our own money. We are dredging the Payra river with our own finances. Otherwise, we will have to take the money from a foreign bank. The money has to be returned with interest. Today, we took this money from our own bank. We are using our own reserves.”

“Our aim is to make the economy dynamic,” she said, adding that those who were in power and those who indulged in corruption and looting are now making conspiracy.