Rifat murder: Minni is in good health, says doctor

Women Bd Desk: Ayesha Siddiqa Minni, who is now in jail in a case over the broad daylight killing of her husband Shahnewaj Rifat Sharif in Barguna, is in a good health, says a doctor.
The family, however, said otherwise what they described as “physically and mentally” ill.
“Minni is in good health. No sign of sickness in her. She is a bit stressed. But nothing to worry and she need no treatment outside [from of the prison] for now,” said Dr Md Habibur Rahman.
Rahman, resident medical officer of Barguna’s Civil Surgeon Office, spoke to media after he ran Minni’s health check-ups at the district jail on Friday (Jul 26).
Asked whether Minni faced torture in the jail, Rahman said that they found no sign of it.
“Minni herself didn’t tell anything about it,” he said adding that she needs rest.
“We have requested the prison authorities so that she can rest as much as she needs and the authorities told us that they would look on it,” Rahman said.
Meanwhile, father of Minni, Mozammel Hossain Kishore told the media that his daughter is in poor health both “physically and mentally”.
“She is not receiving proper treatment inside [the prison],” he said and demanded the better treatment for Minni at a hospital.
Kishore claimed that when he met his daughter at the prison he saw her walking lamely and she felt pain all over her body and couldn’t sleep at night.
“If anything happens to my daughter the prison authorities will be held responsible,” he warned.
Earlier, Minni’s lawyer also pleaded to the court for her treatment at the hospital, which the court said the prison authorities would decide the matter.
Dismissing the father’s claim, Dr Rahman said, “If she [Minni] feels unwell she will be given necessary treatment.”
“Physicians have run the health check-ups and found no problems, for which she needs treatment from outside of the prison,” said Jail Super Anwar Hossain.

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