Rumana Became Mother

Sarker Saidul Islam: Rumana Khan, a popular model and actress, is the mother of a daughter child. For the first time, motherhood tasted. She has a baby girl in her lungs. Rumana gave birth to a daughter at Long Island Jewish Hospital on Tuesday (October 22) at 9:30 pm in New York.

Rumana’s husband, Alan Rahman, said the girl’s name was Avanka Rahman. Both mother and daughter are healthy. Rumana prayed for her daughter.

On August 27, New York’s Rumana Khan was married to Ellen Rahman, a US businessman. It was Romana’s third marriage. After his marriage, he has migrated. There you are happily living in the world.

A decade ago, Rumana was one of the busiest actresses in showbiz. Besides advertising, drama, he received the first National Film Award in 20 for Shakib Khan’s first film in the movie ‘Valobaslei Ghor Badha Jayna’ Besides, he played opposite Shakib Khan in ‘Ek Takar Bou’ Paran Jaaye Jalia Ray, Book Fotte to Mukh-Fotte Na’ films.

Daily Women Bangladesh/BH

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