Stars pay tribute to Babita on her birthday

Women BD Desk: Legendary actor Farida Akhtar Poppy, known by her stage name Babita, is one of the most beloved faces on the silver screen. Her grace and poise have been appreciated by audiences and critics alike. Today marks the birthday of this internationally acclaimed actor. On this joyous occasion, her co-stars and peers from the entertainment industry commemorate the legacy of this diva with The Daily .Women Bangladesh

“Babita was my first heroine” – Ilias Kanchan

I made my film debut with Subhash Dutta’s “Bashundhora” where Babita was my first heroine. I was a newcomer while she was already a star back then. However, her humbleness, dedication, and helpful attitude took away all my anxieties on the very first day. She made the whole shooting process very easy and I have had a lot to learn from her.We have later paired up for many other productions and each one has left me with wonderful memories. As her co-actor, I feel that Babita is one of the most natural actors I have come across in my career.

“Babita is the brightest star in our showbiz” – Shuchanda

Being referred to as her sister fills my heart with joy and pride. Not only as a family member but even as a co-star, she is amazing.

Babita has shaped herself through a lot of hard work and undaunted dedication. Honesty, modesty, impeccable acting skills, and a very soft heart— this is what Babita has offered over her long and successful career alongside numerous superhits.

I had always wondered if she would be able to balance work and personal priorities but she has never given any opportunity to complain. I also feared that she might lose her edge after a couple of films. Nevertheless, I am very happy that she proved me wrong as Babita is the brightest star in our showbiz.

“Babita is a historic legend” – Afzal Hossain

I have always admired Babita as an actor. The heights she has reached with her performances have always inspired me to take up acting as a career. She invested all her time, intelligence, and efforts into her work and that’s what gained her the position she holds today.

With time, she adapted to modern attributes. She was the first actor that I had seen carrying a walkie-talkie and I often found her listening to music in between shots to calm her mind. Being quiet in nature, she was one of the most decent and respectful people on sets whose sense of responsibility was unparalleled. Babita is a historic legend and she has earned it!

“Babita is a megastar” – Anjana

I got to work with Babita in my third film “Bandhobi”, directed by Motaleb Hossain. We were seen as best friends on screen in this production and we have always been each other’s confidantes for years.

She has given a lot to the Bangladesh film fraternity but pride has never been one of her traits. Babita is a megastar and one of the best co-actors I have ever worked with.

“We were sisters and competitors, but never rivals” – Champa

I first got to work with Babita in the film “Tin Konya”. I was a newcomer back then and had was blessed with the opportunity to share the screen with my sisters Babita and Shuchanda, projecting the bond of sisterhood we have always shared in real life.

Despite being my elder sister, she has always respected me as a co-actor and that has really helped me understand the importance of professionalism. She has helped me a lot to overcome my anxiety and nervousness. To be honest, we were sisters and competitors, but never rivals.

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