Stern action against corrupts, dishonest persons will continue: PM

Women BD Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has issued a strong word of warning against the corrupt people, categorically saying that the government’s stern action against the corrupt and dishonest persons will continue.

“We’ve taken stringent action against terrorism, militancy, corruption and drugs … I want to tell one word clearly that if anybody earns money by holding dishonest path and his/her irregularities, chaos or dishonest means are found out, stern action will continue against those persons whoever they might be, even if they’re my party men,” she said.

The prime minister was addressing an expatriate civic reception accorded to her by the US Awami League at Hotel Marriott Marquis here on Saturday afternoon.

Sheikh Hasina said it becomes very difficult for the people and their children to lead an honest life when the society is crippled by persons who earned money through dishonest means.

She said those who want to lead an honest life have to move with some limitations. “But those who lead a lavish life through the money earned by dishonest means always use this and that brands and create a chaotic situation,” she said

The prime minister said living and livelihood of the people who want to lead life honestly have become difficult in the dominance of the dishonest people.

She said a question is naturally arisen in the minds of the children of the honest people that why their families cannot lead a luxurious life like the children of dishonest people. “Naturally this thinking pushes the people towards a dishonest way,” she said.

Referring to irregularities in development schemes, Sheikh Hasina said the government is undertaking massive uplift schemes. “Bangladesh would have been developed further if every single taka of the projects had been spent properly,” she said.

“Now I’ve to find out where are the loopholes and lapses while who is affecting this place and how,” she said.

The prime minister said she asked for looking into another thing that whose earnings are what and how they lead life. “We’ve to found out it and then we could protect our society and new generations by removing this menace and unholy competition,” she said.

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