Subhashree has tested negative for COVID-19

Women BD Desk:

Raj Chakrabarty tested COVID-19 positive on Monday and took to social media to announce this. “I have been tested COVID-19 positive. My father has been hospitalized recently, but he has been tested negative both the time. In home quarantine right now. Rest of my family members will be testing for COVID-19 too. These are the trying times (sic),” he had written in his post. This afternoon, the filmmaker tweeted that his pregnant wife, Subhashree, and others in the family had tested negative. “Good news: Subhashree and everyone else in the family has tested negative for COVID-19. Makes me feel relieved. I’m totally fit and taking care of myself. We are all in separate rooms. Thank you so much for your well wishes (sic)” Raj wrote in the post.

On Tuesday morning, Raj had told us, “I am perfectly fine. I had a cold, so I got myself tested. People are panicking a lot and that is causing the harm. Treat it like any other flu. If you have tested positive, just isolate yourself and have the medicines prescribed by your doctor. Focus on strengthening your immune system rather than panicking, as the virus can affect anyone despite taking all precautions. Subhashree has shifted to her flat and we are texting each other or talking over the phone to communicate.”

Raj and Subhashree are expecting their first child in September.

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