Sumon Chowdhury Press Secretary Consul General of Belize

L K Liton: Journalist Sumon Chowdhury has been officially appointed as the Press Secretary of the Honorary Consul General of Belize in Bangladesh, Mr. Mashiur Rahman. This information has been found in a recent press release.

Since the appointment, signed by Honorary Consul General Mashiur Rahman, the appointment letter has been formally issued for the maintenance and dissemination of all types of state and business news between the Government of Belize and Bangladesh.

Sumon Chowdhury’s Certificate Name, Mohammad Kanchan Chowdhury Sumon. Sumon Chowdhury, a son of an aristocratic Muslim family, was born in the Khilgaon C block of Dhaka. After graduating from Khilgaon Government High School and Khilgaon Model University, he made a name for himself in his early life as a businessman. Editor Naimul Islam Khan’s daily Our Time Entertainment Journalist, Assistant Managing Editor of Our Finance Policy, Weekly Illustrated Time, Digital Time, Managing Editor of Fortnightly Star Paper has gained a wide reputation. In the meantime, he has been working as the commercial and entertainment editor of our annual daily.

Sumon Chowdhury is a member of the Bangladesh Film Journalists Association (BACHAS) and the Cultural Secretary of the Dhaka Cultural Reporters’ Unity. Sumon Chowdhury is currently the Managing Editor of Daily New Time and Daily Women Bangladesh.

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