Three women stars in Book fair

Sanu, Ashna Habib Vabona, putul

Afrina Parvin : Ekushey Book Fair started from today. There are several women starry books published this year. As well as the actors are there, the musicians also are there. In the film star Shau is going to bring a novel and children’s book in the book fair.

The name of the novel ‘Ekla Akash’ and ‘Baby Shutosh’ is the name of the book ‘Shanaire and her magic leitrang’. ‘Ekla Akash’ is being published from copper plate publication and ‘Shanaire and his magic laitrang’ from Ananya Prokashan.

Shanu in Shane said, ‘The experience of writing the first prose is now. I can not mean to say good looks. Shane and his magical leitrang book written about children. The picture has been painted alongside the story. It has been tried to highlight Manipuri community. ‘

His book, ‘Nil Pharing Kavya’, was published in the book fair of the year 2017. In the year 2018, three books – ‘Epitaph’, ‘Asamayar Chakuta’ and ‘Triangle’ were released.

The novel of acting star Vabona It is being released from the publication of copper plate. In the last Ekushey book fair, the novel ‘Gulnehar’ was released. He said, ‘Those who read Gulnehar, they liked. It was unexpected for me. I wrote the novel this time. If I can encourage a girl through writing, that is my success. ”

In the Ekushey Book Fair for three years, Singer Putul has published two poems and a novel. Now his second novel is getting out, ‘The way we do not go to the forest on the night of Josna night’. The novel is coming out of the copper plate publication.

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