Vidya Balan recalls walking 20 kms in ‘scorching summer heat’ in a fit of rage

Women BD Desk: Vidya Balan recalled walking from Marine Drive to Bandra on one occasion, because she was ‘angry’ and couldn’t think straight. The actor said that she was ‘angry’ at repeated rejections.

In an interview, Vidya Balan was asked if the story is true, and she said that it is, although it happened just that once. Vidya said that walking really clears her mind.

She told Bollywood Bubble, “I did it once, I was really angry. And I walked from Marine Drive to Bandra in the scorching summer heat. I didn’t even realise. I was just walking. Today I might do it for exercise, but that day I just did it because… I didn’t know where I was going.”

She continued, “Sometimes, when I’m not able to think straight, I find that walking really clears my mind. That day, I don’t even think I realised I was walking. I wasn’t thirsty, I wasn’t hungry, I was just angry. And I just kept walking till I realised, ‘Oh my God, I’ve reached Bandra’.”

Women Bangladesh/BH