‘Woman’ Nia Jax enters Men’s Royal Rumble match, stuns everyone with in-ring action

Nia Jax stunned the WWE Universe as she entered the Men’s Royal Rumble match in place of R-Truth. Jax had earlier participated in women’s match as well but was eliminated by Becky Lynch.

Nia Jax created history during the Men’s Royal Rumble 2019 as she joined the list of Chyna and Beth Phoenix in the list of women superstars to enter the Men’s Royal Rumble match. The former women’s champion was the 30th superstar to enter the ring after she attacked R-Truth, who was to be the 30th man in the match, from behind. Jax entered the ring and started dominating the men superstars who were in the ring.

She pushed few of the superstars down before making her first elimination in form of Mustafa Ali. Soon, the male superstars realised that they have to attack her and Randy Orton RKOed her soon. Mysterio also hit her with 619 and in the end, Jax was eliminated from the match. She dominated the proceedings during her stay in the ring and the fans also loved to see Jax perform in the main event.

In the end, it was Seth Rollins who emerged as the winner of the Men’s Royal Rumble. Despite being sent through the commentary table by Bobby Lashley, Rollins got up, defying the odds, and eliminated Braun Strowman. Both the superstars were standing on the outer part of the ring where Rollins was quick to do the things for himself.

This was Jax’s second Royal Rumble match on Sunday. She also participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble that took place earlier. Entering the ring as the 29th superstar, Jax eliminated Natalya and Bayley (in partnership with Charlott Flair). She was eliminated by Becky Lynch, whom she also punished by injuring her knee. A half-fit Becky would send Charlotte Flair out of the ring to win the match.

In other matches that took place on the show, Brock Lesnar retained his title by defeating Finn Balor while Ronda Rousey also kept her title by defeating Sasha Banks. Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles to keep WWE championship.

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