Zayed Khan disqualified, Nipun elected new General Secretary

as k  liton:

The Appellate division has terminated the candidacy of Zayed Khan and declared Nipun as the newly elected General Secretary.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan, head of the appellate division, announced the disqualification of both Zayed Khan and executive panel member Chunnu, through a press conference today.

“We have found enough evidence to prove that Zayed Khan was involved in bribing the voters. We got 2 written statements from people who accepted money from the actor,” said Sohanur Rahman Sohan. There are also photos and screenshots to prove that he was involved in illegal communities. As a result, we have decided to denounce his candidacy and announce Nipun as the new General Secretary,” he said.

Nipun entered the premises of BFDC along with her panel members and supporters at 4:15 pm. Artistes who lost their voting rights during the previous committee of Misha Sawdagar- Zayed Khan panel also arranged various demonstrations and procession to voice against Zayed Khan.

Nipun was declared as the new General Secretary at the press conference today. Photo: Collected
The protestors chanted one slogan repeatedly, “We want Justice,” and demanded the resignation of Zayed Khan. The protestors painted Alpana on their bare bodies and demanded the resignation of General Secretary, Zayed Khan. On the contrary, Zayed Khan claimed that the appellate board is ‘illegal’, and refrained from participating in the meeting.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan further stated that Zayed Khan’s absence won’t make any difference in the meeting as the main plaintiff, Nipun, is present at the committee meeting. The final decision will be sent to the Ministry of Social Welfare soon.

Earlier, Nipun had lodged a written complaint towards the Chairman of the Appellate Board, asking for the cancellation of both Zayed Khan and Chunnu. The Ministry of the Ministry of Social Welfare looked to the appellate division to mitigate the situation.

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